GSI AudioStar Pro

GSI AudioStar Pro

Hearing Loss impacts the lives of our patients and their loved ones. Our goal is to provide precision audiologic testing to help guide our patients towards better understanding of their hearing status and their treatment options. Dr Ricole Haden, an expert audiologist, provides compassionate care using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. Several specialized evaluations are available.

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

Tympanometry & Acoustic Reflexes

Diagnostic Otoacoustic Emissions

Chemotherapy Monitoring: Changes in your hearing can occur during the course of chemotherapy. Monitoring those changes can help in developing a treatment plan that optimizes results without compromising hearing. 


Audiogram Request

Appointments can be made by calling our office at 617.910.0368 or by submitting a request via the web form below. If you are experiencing sudden hearing loss or you have an urgent concern, please call the office rather than using the form.

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